Is that the challenge?

Or pehaps more specifically – learn, understand AND APPLY more knowledge in less time.

We are all so busy just doing and consuming information (including TV and social media), finding the time to really invest in a productive learning experience can seem an insurmountable challenge. We may want a big change (outcome) in our lives, so it seems natural that it will take a big action to start it off.

But is that actually the case?

Many small steps take us further and faster than one big leap. 

For those of us wanting to improve how we feel and how we “perform” in your studies, work or in life in general – feeling overwhelmed by the idea of how much time and energy it takes can stop us from ever starting.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone!

In fact this is such a common issue that Swinburne University of Technology approached us to create a Lite version of our Learn2Learn program to provide support for students during term time when time pressures are at their highest.

What we came up with is a series of short (only 15 minutes each) focused sessions.

This could be 15 minutes on the bus, on the train, at lunch, over breakfast (another good habit), while you are waiting for a class to start/ to pick up the kids, before you start watching something… in short if you are serious about finding time to do something that is important to you it can be difficult to NOT find 15 minutes somewhere in your day.

How many 15 minute time slots can you actually fit into your day?



In Learn2Learn Lite, our 15 minute sessions are designed around key topics of:

  • Brain health and well-being
  • Alternative strategies for improving knowledge retention
  • Personalising your own experience and approach to learning
  • Aligning career direction with personal motivation
  • Making the most of the employability skills of study (teamwork and project skills)

Each session is online, and a new one is released 3 days a week over 7 weeks – but you can take your time with no need to worry about assesments here!

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