Theory of Change – Our Impact map

Scale of Problem:

Approximately 50,000 University students drop out each year (more than one in five of each enrolment cohort), with disadvantaged and mature age students making up a majority of that number

  • Pre COVID-19, the average attrition rate was approx. 15% (adjusted attrition), with regional Universities up to 25%. In other words, up to 25% of students drop out before the end of their first year.
  • For mature age, part time students this is even higher with only 30% graduating within 10 years of starting (in 2018 these students consisted of around 40% of all enrolments).
  • Cost to the student (average) $12,000 + lost potential income
  • Value of lost student to University (estimated) $20,000-$30,000 (per student)

If we.. take a innovative, evidence/research based, whole-of-life approach to teaching students how to be self-regulated,confident and effective learners. Accessible 24/7 online, anywhere.

By… Partnering with Institutions to deliver an Online self paced Learn2Learn personal development and learning strategies course drip fed over 6 week period, in conjunction with peer mentoring

Resulting in… 

  • Pro-active learning skills and behaviours developed.
  • Increased student-peer-institution connection.
  • Improved retention and confidence.

And eventually..

  • Increased learner mindset, strategies and self-efficacy (23%, 26% and 32% reported respectively in 2019 research).
  • Improvements in mental well-being, study supportive life-changes, retention of knowledge (2019 research).
  • Students have enhanced understanding of their own brains and how they can best manage their own learning.
  • Increased graduation rates.

We expect to see over time…

  • Greater resilience and persistence in learning.
  • Increased likelihood of family members undertaking higher education.
  • Increased earning potential.
  • Increased employability.