Benefits of Learn2Learn


We develop the mindset, behaviour, strategies and confidence to succeed in learning…

… so that your students understand HOW and WHAT to learn, feel CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED, ENGAGED and RESILIENT  – and can SUCCEED in their studies and beyond.

 University Impact:

      • Improved retention and student outcomes of higher risk students
      • Improved mental well being of students
      • Early commitment to University
      • Positive Financial and Reputational Impact


      • Students already engaged with University
      • Not dependent on LMS access or knowledge to start
      • Students less overwhelmed, more ready to start
      • Easy access key contacts already provided (enhanced awareness)
      • Ready to connect and engage

 Support Staff:

      • Supporting and complementing existing services (not replacing)
      • Students have much greater clarity around what they can do (increased proactivity)
      • Students more connected with University from the start
      • Early “risk” indicators can be followed up pre term
      • Greater awareness and use of existing support available (proactive)

 Peer Mentoring:

      • Structured content is known to increase engagement with Mentors
      • Early contact and relationships built pre-term
      • Additional development and skills for Mentors (coaching, facilitation)
      • Can flow into existing  program
      • All new students are aware of Mentor program

 Academic Impact:

      • Students much more focused and prepared for study
      • Self Regulated Learning behaviours (more proactive and self aware)
      • Early flagging of disengaged/ potential at-risk students prior to term start
      • Improved knowledge retention during and between Terms
      • Potential to form part of a credit-bearing unit

 Students themselves:

      • Improved retention and study outcomes
      • Improved Mental well being
      • Enhanced self awareness and self confidence
      • Improved knowledge retention
      • Early contact and connection with peers and university
      • Greater and earlier awareness of support services
      • Prepared to start when term starts
      • Better management of time and energy
      • Easy access pre and during Term

Each Student’s experience will be different, because every student is different.

Our Learn2Learn program bridges the student support gap by empowering students and developing pro-active learning behaviours – in short, it addresses the non-academic “personal” element that impacts on student retention and success.

The online, self-paced program is ideally run over 6 weeks in conjunction with peer led conversations and aligned with your peer support programs.

Staggered content

Designed to start a minimum of 2 weeks prior to Term, content is released in stages to encourage spaced reflection and practice.

Timing of module release can be adjusted to suit your first year schedule.

action oriented

Each Module consists of several topics, with activities to prepare for their studies, to build their awareness of themselves, and to understand how to develop themselves as effective and proactive learners.

Practice & Reflect

Each topic encourages reflection on their own personal practice, as well as reflecting on the learning strategies used within the Learn2Learn program.

shared journey

We offer an additional small group coaching or a peer-support framework and training should you decide to incorporate a peer-support component to your roll-out of the program.

Certified Social Enterprise

At Learn Grow Become, we acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Australians and the traditional custodians of the lands and waterways in which we live, learn and work.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We honour the continuing connection to culture, land, knowledge and community and that sovereignty was never ceded.

We also acknowledge that many best practices in learning have been an integral part of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for tens of thousands of years, and that in many ways we are only now discovering what they have always known and practiced...