Case Studies


PROBLEM: Wanted to study to change careers and to be a positive role model for her daughter. Aspired to be a nurse (her daughter had chronic illness and she was inspired by their work). Fought hard to be accepted into University and then was devastated when she got a supplementary exam (not high enough score for initial pass). Total lack of self belief and confidence. Wanted to “chuck it all in”. Wasn’t good enough.

SOLUTION: Took Learn2Learn to try to “redeem herself”.

REAL VALUE: Learn2Learn gave her a massive mind-shift and helped her to start believing in herself again. She was able to reconnect with her passion and change what she was doing, including how she managed feedback and perceived failure. Learn2Learn gave her brain permission to “stop to think” and helped improve her mental health. “My grades went up by 20% as a result of doing Learn2Learn”


PROBLEM: Needed to retrain following redundancy, and has been recently diagnosed with ADHD which helped confirm why learning at school had been so hard. Is starting studying Occupational Health and Safety. Even though he is finding the units interesting his ADHD is making it difficult to keep focused and to actually submit work on time. Even when he has extensions approved he still struggles to get the work in.

SOLUTION: Took Learn2Learn to try to gain more control over own learning and to develop strategies to better focus and manage deadlines.

REAL VALUE: Learn2Learn gave him a greater understanding of how the ADHD disrupted his learning, and different strategies and approaches to manage it better. This included elements like how to prepare for study, managing distractions, taking regular breaks, as well as actual learning strategies.

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