What is your motivation to study?

If we don’t have a purpose, it’s hard to keep going when challenges arise.

Knowing your personal motivators can help build your resilience.

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Motivation exercise


Having trouble getting started with your reflection, or just zooming through?

Here are two strategies for developing your reflective skills – vital for becoming a self-aware learner!


-> Strategic approach : Letting Go of our Inner Critic

One of our biggest blockages when it comes to reflecting is ourselves. For this exercise, it’s time to let go. Don’t worry it it’s hard to get started, this is about forming a new habit in our brains. The biggest things to remember are:

  1. For your eyes only – no one else needs to see this!
  2. Have fun and be open to learning more about yourself!

-> Just get started!

Grab a blank sheet of paper (preferably without lines on it- we want to free ourselves from rigidity).

If you can’t think of what to write, think about the topic and do some doodling.

Write down the words or draw the pictures that come to mind… and expand on them.

If you are thinking “this is so dumb”… that’s cool – but ask yourself why you think that… and write down your thoughts.

Circle things that jump out, add some connection lines… whatever is going to help you pull this apart and see it in a different way

Keep writing down more; and keep prompting yourself “Why” to try and get to the source of your feelings. Even random things that come to mind are worth jotting down.

This is just for you, no one else needs to see this, so don’t try to sanitise it! Get it out, on the paper, and see where you end up.

Once you are warmed up and feel that you can’t explore that thought stream any longer… make a start at the reflective activity.