Learning Agility, Learning Hacks – so much tech-talk that sounds amazing… but confusing and vague at the same time. So what’s it all about?

Learning agility is essentially about being able to learn quickly and in different ways. A new challenge or situation arises? You are quickly able to adapt your knowledge and strategies to suit the situation.

Learning Hacks? It’s like giving you a shortcut into how to learn. Problem is, it’s hard to shortcut if you don’t already have that “agility” in place – but it sounds great from a sales perspective and a promise of quick results.

So what can you do to build agility? Well, understanding the “how” you learn is a huge one. Forget (or at least, don’t focus exclusively on) learning styles like visual, kinesthetic or auditory… that’s just a small part of the equation. The “how” is more about your brain: body – mind – emotions connections. Understanding your personal strengths and challenges is key (checkout our free first module on this: https://learngrowbecome/p/learn2learn).


apps aren't brain friendly when it comes to learning

Now the bad news… there really isn’t any short-cuts to learning. Apps, Hacks, they sound great in theory – but I’m not convinced its the best use of your time and money

(Having said that, I’d love to know if you found it differently).

The good news – it can be easier and less painful. Planning, Acting, Reflecting, Adapting are all key tools and strategies you can use. They do take practice (hence why no quick and easy way), so being realistic about what you can gain in a given timeframe is so important for your motivation and self-belief!

If we don’t pay attention to those we can quickly give up feeling defeated and worse than when we started. Which is not what we sign up for!

So please, don’t be distracted by “shiny” Get-Rich or Get-Smart opportunities. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If it’s reasonable and requires some work on our behalf (particularly self-reflection), then you are more likely to be onto a winner!