At Learn Grow Become we help you Improve Student Retention and engagement through our Learn2Learn programs

Do you want to improve student retention, engagement and learning outcomes?

We empower disadvantaged and at-risk students to succeed in their studies by developing their mindset, behaviour, strategies and self-belief …

… so that they understand HOW and WHAT to learn, feel CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED, ENGAGED and RESILIENT  – and can SUCCEED in their studies and beyond.

Students and staff – lifelong learning and innovative thinking

Supporting Educators, Employers, Individuals and Community with Learn2Learn

We are taught content, rather than taught HOW to learn.

And yet, it is assumed we intuitively know. It is hardly surprising that many struggle whether that is in formal or on-the-job type of learning environments.

Whether your challenge is with student retention, student outcomes or with staff development (or innovation) – developing the underlying skills, strategies and mindset of a confident proactive learner is going to to make a significant difference!

Individual Student Development

Our Learn2Learn program is available for individual student enrolment.

It is designed to help you succeed in your studies with confidence and reduced stress.


Education Providers

Improve student retention, well-being, knowledge retention and success.

Our Learn2Learn program bridges the student support gap by empowering students and developing proactive learning behaviours.


Staff Development and Student Support

Learning capability is such a key part of a successful career and also in the development of innovative practices.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your people.


Indigenous Education Initiatives

As a For-Purpose Social Enterprise, we dedicate 51% of our profits towards closing the gap on education outcomes for Indigenous students.

Currently under development is our Indigenous Learn2Learn program, adding an Indigenous community lens through face-to-face workshops – to our existing online Learn2Learn program.

We will soon be seeking Indigenous Facilitators and Communities, and Institution/Corporate Sponsors to help in delivering this program.

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“I needed to <make some significant changes in my life>…I would not have found the courage to do this without the help of the Learn2Learn programme…in learning about boundaries and strategies and goal setting. Writing why I wanted to study, goals, motivation really did fire up my courage to reach our for help to change things so I could study effectively and realise my dreams for a great life”

Student 1 (research project)

“I have severe ADHD…all the dysfunction that comes with ADHD is creating chaos, though information I did access from the program did help.”

Student 9 (research project)

After completing my first semester and being awarded a supplementary exam for one of my units, I heavily, and negatively reflected on how i got this, naively thinking I was just going to cruise through university. this broke me. I cried for days, wondering why this have happened….I look <at> Learn2Learn as a big opportunity to redeem not just my study regime but my mental health. Learn2Learn makes my brain stop and reflect.

Student 7 (research project)

Thoroughly enjoyed the content. Lots of fantastic information. I particularly enjoyed the module on resilience.

The online platform is easy to navigate. I wish Moodle units were this easy.

I wish I had this in my first year.

James W (Learn2Learn Mentor)

“I just wanted to say it also gave me confidence… term one I failed Chemistry…I really beat myself up over it…I think it just gave me the confidence to go, you’ve got the option to drop a subject…and focus on Chemistry.  And I did. Believe or not, I exceeded by 20% on my supplementary exam. Without going through this program, I probably wouldn’t have done that.”

Student 7 (research project)

“The program really helped me go, okay I do need to get a schedule, and I do need to do things, sit down and do them properly, and learning how to do that was amazing…. I found that I retained stuff. Going into this term previously… [I’d be] ‘what did I do last semester?’ Now I’ve come to Term 3 and I can still apply the knowledge I’ve learned from Term 2 because I actually went through and did it properly.”

Student 3 (research project)

I found the Learn2Learn program truly empowering and inspiring. I really resonated with Tanya’s engaging style and now feel that I am able to take charge of my own learning and truly succeed. As a qualified trainer I’d highly recommend this course to anyone ready to take charge of their learning and succeed, and it’s not often I’m able to say this about a course!

Sam A.

Certified Social Enterprise

At Learn Grow Become, we acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Australians and the traditional custodians of the lands and waterways in which we live, learn and work.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We honour the continuing connection to culture, land, knowledge and community and that sovereignty was never ceded.

We also acknowledge that many best practices in learning have been an integral part of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for tens of thousands of years, and that in many ways we are only now discovering what they have always known and practiced...