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We believe that by giving people the right tools, mindset and resilience we can not only improve their learning outcomes but also have a positive flow throughout their lives.

Imagine a world where all students start their higher education studies understanding HOW and WHAT to learn, feeling CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED, ENGAGED and RESILIENT when it comes to setbacks in their studies and in their personal lives. Imagine how they can then empower and build their communities….

Closing the Gap

We believe that everyone has a responsiblity to help close the gap between Indignous and Non-indigenous peoples within a decade. We are committed to making a difference through our area of expertise – adult education.

This is one of the reasons why we reinvest 50% of our profits into Indigenous education initiatives, in collaboration or consultation with Indigenous communities and elder approved representatives.

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Indigenous Youth Programs


Indigenous 15 - 24 year olds in employment, education or training


Indigenous 20-24 year olds with Year 12 or equiv (Very Remote)


Indigenous 25-34 with tertiary qualification

Learn Grow Become…

We believe that everyone has amazing potential.

And yet… so many students, particularly those from disadvantaged cohorts, fail to realise their dreams at higher education, with less than 50% of Indigenous students graduating within 10 years.

When the idea for our Learn2Learn program first took shape back in 2017, we realised….

-> If we taught people to become effective learners, then they can make the most of any learning opportunity… regardless of the skill and interest of the instructor.

-> If we teach them to become more proactive, engaged and genuinely interested in what they are learning… reaching graduation will mean more than just a certificate, and learning continues into the workplace.

 -> And if the learning capability of our staff and students actually match what is assumed and expected of them…. everyone will be more confident and operating from a more equitable place.

Fast forward to 2019 and our first pilot research project in collaboration with CQUniversity. Hearing directly from the student participants how much the program changed and reshaped their learning – and themselves, validated our belief in the program.

Students shared how the program had helped them retain knowledge beyond the end of term, improve their grades, help them feel more confident in themselves and their studies, improve their mental well-being and even take steps to make significant life changes to improve their ability to achieve success in their studies.

It really did change lives AND change learning outcomes!

Note: we currently have a draft paper submitted for the 2021 STARS conference. Please contact Tanya at tanya@learngrowbecome.com for a copy if you would like to learn more about this project.

2020 saw our first individual customer signup, and in January 2021 we launched our first University partnership with Swinburne University of Technology!

Personal and professional attributes gained from the program:

    • Self-awareness
    • Critical thinking
    • Action oriented
    • Team development
    • Work-study-life integration
    • Integrating detail and big picture thinking
    • Learning agility
    • Self-confidence and self-belief
    • Growth mindset
    • Intentional about seeking and utilising feedback
The development and delivery of our programs are supported by our Executive and Advisory team through:


    • Over 10 years coaching, strategic program design and facilitation
    • 6 years in peer mentoring and student leadership development in Higher Education
    • 9 years experience in student outreach programs (inspiring students from grades 6 – 12)
    • 9 years experience facilitating and co-ordinating Rockhampton’s indigenous youth Brolga Program
    • Over 20 years experience in managing Business Growth and Development, Staff, Finance, Information Technology.
    • Commitment to creating safe and constructive learning environments for vulnerable and Indigenous students
    • Dedication to increasing indigenous employment opportunities within our own enterprise.