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An agile and adaptive workforce is constantly learning, and faces similar pressures and challenges as students, in fact possibly more so.

There is a greater complexity and more consistent time pressures for staff to learn, deliver, reflect, adapt, trial, and deliver (again). We work in groups with very different motivators and intentions.

Staff are expected to “be the face of the business”, to deal with challenges and change, and to work relatively harmoniously for the goals of the organisation. With so much pressure, it’s not surprising that people are struggling within themselves.

What we have found is that our program participants are reporting a positive shift in their mental well-being, greater clarity on what needs to change in their whole of life, and the strategies to be more confident and deliver better outcomes.

Having worked for many years in corporate and government, we understand the expectations and pressures faced.

Many of the elements – the strategies, skills and mindset – that develop great learners also develop really effective employees.

Learning strategies are also communication strategies. Mindset and self belief apply everywhere. Being open to, and actively seeking meaningful feedback helps employees better align themselves with the organisation’s goals and expectations.

Ultimately we start shifting your organisation’s culture to a learning and adaptive one.