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About Us

Our Mission:

To enhance equity throughout our community by supporting the development of disadvantaged (at risk) students.


How we achieve our mission:

    • Partner with Universities to deliver our Learn2Learn program
    • Provide individual student access to Learn2Learn programs and materials
    • Partner with Corporate Sponsors to deliver our Indigenous Youth programs
    • Reinvest 50% of profits into Indigenous education initiatives


We believe that by giving people the right tools, mindset and resilience we can not only improve their learning outcomes but also have a positive flow throughout their lives.

Imagine a world where all students start their higher education studies understanding HOW and WHAT to learn, feeling CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED, ENGAGED and RESILIENT when it comes to setbacks in their studies and in their personal lives. Imagine how they can then empower and build their communities….

Closing the Gap

– not just the responsiblity of government.

We believe that everyone has a responsiblity to help close the gap between Indignous and Non-indigenous peoples within a decade. We are committed to making a difference through our area of expertise – adult education.

This is one of the reasons why we reinvest 50% of our profits into Indigenous education initiatives, in collaboration or consultation with Indigenous communities and elder approved representatives.



Our Story

Where It All Began

Learn Grow Become…

We believe that everyone has amazing potential.

And yet… so many students, particularly those from disadvantaged cohorts, fail to realise their dreams at higher education. Attrition varies between and within institutions, and for some cohorts completion (graduation) is achieved by only 30% of students (mature age, part time).

When the idea for our Learn2Learn program first took shape back in 2017, we realised….

-> If we taught people to become effective learners, then they can make the most of any learning opportunity… regardless of the skill and interest of the instructor.

-> If we teach them to become more proactive, engaged and genuinely interested in what they are learning… reaching graduation will mean more than just a certificate.

 -> And if the learning capability of our staff and students actually match what is assumed and expected of them…. everyone will be more confident and operating from a more equitable place.

Fast forward to 2019 and our first pilot research project in collaboration with CQUniversity. Hearing directly from the student participants how much the program changed and reshaped their learning – and themselves, validated our belief in the program.

Students shared how the program had helped them retain knowledge beyond the end of term, improve their grades, help them feel more confident in themselves and their studies, improve their mental well-being and even take steps to make significant life changes to improve their ability to achieve success in their studies.

It really did change lives AND change learning outcomes!

Note: we currently have a draft paper submitted for the 2021 STARS conference. Please contact Tanya at tanya@learngrowbecome.com for a copy if you would like to learn more about this project.

2020 saw our first individual customer signup, and in January 2021 we launched our first University partnership with Swinburne University of Technology!

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Tanya Rutherford

Tanya Rutherford

Founder & CEO

Tanya is a highly experienced program designer, facilitator, mentor and coach in both leadership and education; with a significant background in management accounting and business management spanning several industries in both Australia and the UK. In 2014 she transitioned into student development, creating and facilitating the implementation and ongoing facilitation of CQUniversity’s student leadership program and annual conferences; as well as coordinating their Student Mentor program.

In 2017, whilst completing her Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education, she identified the gap in support available to students which was a significant contributor to the student attrition issue (nationally and globally). This led to the development of our Learn2Learn program in her own business (TMRutherford), which was officially launched through Learn Grow Become in 2019 with a collaborative research project being piloted through CQUniversity’s Student Mentor program.  Recognised for her contribution to leadership through an honorary membership of the Golden Key society and Chartered Manager status with the Institute of Managers and Leaders (for whom she also facilitated workshops pre-COVID). As the Queensland facilitator for Young Change Agents, Tanya continues to work closely with young people in developing entrepreneurial skills and supporting aspirations for change.

Tanya has a Masters in Business Administration (Leadership & Communication), Bachelor of Business (Accounting and IT), Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education, Graduate Certificate of Arts (International Development & Environmental Analysis), and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, several accreditations and certifications in the training and coaching area, and is currently completing her certifications in Feminist Coach Theory (equity and indigenous support focus), and Transformation Embodiment Coaching.

Tanya’s life mission is to help people realise their potential and to bring out their best.

Dr Melinda Mann

Dr Melinda Mann

Indigenous Education Advisor

Dr Mann is a Darumbal and South Sea Islander woman from Rockhampton and has connections throughout Central Queensland. She is an experienced manager in programs associated with student experience with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education and secondary school sectors.

Throughout her professional career, she has managed budgets in excess of $5m including multiple federal government grants through the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme (HEPPP) and the Indigenous Student Success Programme (ISSP).  Melinda has a work history that includes program design and delivery of university school outreach programs and tailored support services for vocational and university students.

Melinda was the former chair of the Queensland Consortium of Universities for widening participation school outreach programs. She is also heavily involved in education leadership in local Indigenous communities and holds advisory roles for state wide bodies. Melinda has a PhD in Education, Masters of Learning Management and a Bachelor Degree in Business (Human Resources Management).

Her passion is Indigenous knowledges, leadership, lifelong learning, children and young people.

Chris Lorang

Chris Lorang

Business Development Advisor

Chris’ strength is executable growth strategy around emerging businesses, brand and transformation. Enabling businesses and brand to connect and grow through digital channels, product development, service design and positioning.

With a deep understanding of brand, marketing, digital and technology, he have been fortunate to play a role in the transformation of global brands, wonderful startups and unique products.

Chris is interested in founders, startups and scale-ups that realistically solve big problems through technology, ideology, or ideas. Problems that have impact and create better futures for humanity.

Phil Martin

Phil Martin

Technology Advisor

Tech guru

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